Radiant Skin Pack


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Are you noticing your skin is tarting to get dry and therefore more irritated as you get older, it is normal for this to occur easier and as there are stages in our lives where our bodies change, our lives are busy and we don’t always create the space to look for our solutions to these issues that arise.

It is wonderful to be working in conjunction to my friend and fellow Naturopath Wendy Dumaresq to
help you get the best outcomes for your skin and health in general.

Wendy’s book is full of great tips and hints built over her many years for one on one support to her clients and the patterns that became obvious over this time to causes and best way to support you.

We come into the picture with the skin as one of the easiest and quickest ways to get results why you are taking the time to work on the other areas.

We see that it is wonderful to support and help women with dry and irritated skin rediscover what luxurious skin feels like through our range of natural organic olive oil based soaps and skincare.

The Radiant Woman’s Pack included:

A boxed soap of choice – facial bar & body bar in one value $9.95

Replenishing face cream value $45

Hand & body lotion Olive Oil & Manuka Honey 100ml value $19

Copy of the Radiant woman’s book value $39.95

Total Value $113.95 as part of the wise women you tube channel & Olive & Ash our offer to you is $102.95

we also have a hand &body lotion in lavender & sandalwood if you prefer that to the manuka honey write lavender in the instructions box.

Our products are all based as the fat of Olive Oil. As we make the traditional soap from the 8th century in not using any other fats that might dilute the benefits that Olive Oil gives us both internal & external. Olive oil for the skin is so wonderful due to the anti oxidants of vitamin A & E in a natural form there is not the reactive response from people who react to synthetic vitamin E.

Squalene & Oleic Acid are what we call a Humectant which help to hold the moisture into the skin therefore not having to use a product and then heavily moisturise afterwards but more so moisturise because you love the feel. There for this ensures our soaps are just as beautiful for use as a facial bar as well as body and beautiful as a shampoo too.

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