Tuff stuff, for shower or tough strains & hands –


Your bag includes an olive soap made just for it.  Pure olive oil with essential oils of Eucalyptus & Citrus

Our bags are made from Ramie which is a natural fibre from the nettle family of plants which is a strong fibrous texture (like hemp).

A soap bag has many uses.

  • You may like to add your soap and use it in the shower to create a nice lather and a little exfoliating.
  • You may like to use it to hand wash your clothes as a stain remover which helps the soap get into those areas of hard to move stains.
  • You may also like it as a hand wash, hang it off the tap to drain well.  We do have our nitty gritty hand soap for those rough, greasy, stained hands but this is an option for you too.


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