10 essential tips for you to cruise through winter

Winter and all that goes with it might make us complain that it is cold and dark early, but think of the things that are essential to really understand why we have winter!!   It is a great time to          relax, nurture & hydrate & pamper.


1/ Give yourself permission – nurture;   

to do what you want to do, rest, read, cook, watch movies, meditate, finish or start that craft you have been wanting to do, spend more time alone or with small groups of friends.


2/ Keep your skin nourished,

though all of the foods & drinks mentioned help hydrate your skin, basic natural skincare is the place to start especially start by looking at the soaps and washes you use.  Are they a major part of the cause? Having to moisturise after you bathe. Moisturise because you want to in most cases not because you have to.  Throw is a facial or 2 is a nice pamper.


3/ Hydrate

with herbal teas, like ginger, yep tea (Echinacea cold & flu), nettle leaf. Chai, hibiscus, rosehip & orange, mulled wine, hot water & lemon, green tea, , turmeric, mints or what ever is your favourite, see below for perfect foods.


 4/ Stay warm;  

rug up, with your favourite gloves, scarves, winter woolly jumpers, boots or coats with throws and your favourite ugg boots.


5/ Slow cooked foods

Soups, like roast pumpkin & sweet potato, chicken & ginger, Miso, pea & ham, veggie & quinoa or barley, whatever suits you, fish curry, dahl or other stews. Spiced deserts, or creamy quinoa with ginger & orange or cinnamon and cardamom, all old favorites, yummm.


6/ Root vegetables;

winter is about the root chakra and grounding so think of all of the wonderful colours of our root vegetable, orange, purple, yellow, white, green and put them into  Roasts, tarts, soups.


 7/ Batch cook. 

Make soup, casserole make enough to freeze a number of each so you can freeze and pull out and have a meal ready in no time without to much fuss.


8/ Long lingering Baths ;

and read a book, light some candles, relax, watch a movie, chat with a friend.


9/ invigorating walks or exercise ;

it is good to maintain exercise or movement over the winter months. We don’t all like the gym or boot camp but think of long walks along the beach, in the bush or anywhere that takes your fancy.


 10/ Maintain Vitamin D ;

In the southern cooler states our vitamin D levels decrease over winter time due to the low sun.

  We need over winter an hour of sun exposure on arms and legs to help our levels. Low Vitamin D can lead to lower mood, depressive state, poor skin so it is important to increase Vitamin D foods or a healthy supplement of 1-3,000mg a day.


And before you know it the days will be getting longer, warmer and you will be wishing you were back enjoying winter :}

Deb & Andrew

Naturopath & Skincare Chef

Olive & Ash

photo thanks to bruce mars from Pexels

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