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  • 3 Olive Oil soaps of choice & a 250ml Hand sanitiser

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  • 3 Olive Oil Soaps of choice & a 50ml Hand sanitiser

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  • Bathers Teabags (bath salts) Unscented w/ goats milk, calendula, red clover & chickweed

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  • Bathers Teabags (bath salts) either Rose, Lavender or Unscented

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  • lavender bathers tea bath salts

    Bathers Teabags (bath salts) Lavender essential oil w/ Lavender, Chamomile & Linden Flowers

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  • bathers teabags bathsalts rose petals in bath

    Bathers Teabags (bath salts) Rose & Rose Petal

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  • Deodorant – Lemon Myrtle & Sage

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  • dry body brush

    Detox Cleanse Pack

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  • Gift Card for a special birthday

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  • Mothers day gift voucher

    Gift with a Card for Mothers Day

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  • Healthy Hand Bundle

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  • Hikers/Travel/Camping Pack

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  • Indulgence- Total indulgence to keep you covered

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  • Lavender & Sandalwood Hand & Body Lotion

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  • Lip Balm – Manuka Honey or Vegan

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  • Liquid Castile – Hand Wash – Lime

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