We have bundled up our most popular products that you can select that most suits your skin and favourite flavours.

Selecting a bundle that compliments each other is an easy way to support your skin and general health.


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  • 3 Olive Oil soaps of choice & a 250ml Hand sanitiser

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  • 3 Olive Oil Soaps of choice & a 50ml Hand sanitiser

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  • dry body brush

    Detox Cleanse Pack

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  • Healthy Hand Bundle

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  • Hikers/Travel/Camping Pack

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  • Indulgence- Total indulgence to keep you covered

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  • Lotion 100ml & Treveller/Gift soap selection

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  • Lotion 250ml and a 50ml for on the go

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  • Moisturising Hand sanitiser 250ml & Boxed Soap of Choice

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  • Moisturising Sanitiser 250ml & 50ml

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  • hand sanitier

    Moisturising sanitiser 250ml pump & 250ml Lotion

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  • hand sanitier

    Moisturising sanitiser 250ml pump & Hand & Body Lotion 100ml

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  • Moisturising Sanitiser 50ml spray & 100ml Lotion

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  • Moisturising Sanitiser 50ml spray & 250ml Lotion

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  • Moisturising sanitising 50ml spray & 500ml refil

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  • Natural Deodorant & Boxed olive oil soap shampoo bar

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