Olive & Ash use the Castile method to produce our luxurious range of natural body, hand and hair wash. All our liquid soaps are designed for sensitive skin and do not include sodium lauryl sulfate, silicons or other foaming agents.
Castile soap is the essential item for any house who wishes to be conscious of what you use be be it for  environmentally or skin issues.  Use a liquid Castile as the base of all your cleaning products, dishes, clothes and in the shower or just as a anti viral, microbial hand wash which leaves your skin feeling soft.
they are also Vegan & Gluten free and most importantly Palm oil free.
“We are Currently experiencing some occasional issues with “no shipping options” when you try and click through Cart Page.  If this occurs please email me on info@oliveandash.com.au and I will try and help you select the items you need so we can get them to you asap.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

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