Moisturising Hand Sanitiser.
A sanitiser can be made with thought and give you benefits and not destroy your skin. To meet WHO and legal requirements Sanitisers must contain 60-85% Alcohol which will breakdown the outer case of a virus but it is the additions that make the difference to your skin. We put emphisis on the + in our products. The plus are organic herbs and oils that have proven anti-viral, bacterial benefits and keep your skin moisturised.

Vegan, gluten free, palm free, dry skin free.


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  • 3 Olive Oil soaps of choice & a 250ml Hand sanitiser

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  • 3 Olive Oil Soaps of choice & a 50ml Hand sanitiser

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  • Healthy Hand Bundle

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  • Moisturising Hand Sanitiser -spray – 70+v/v – 50ml

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  • hand sanitier

    Moisturising Hand Sanitiser -250ml – 60+ v/v

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  • Moisturising Hand sanitiser 250ml & Boxed Soap of Choice

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  • Moisturising Sanitiser 250ml & 50ml

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  • hand sanitier

    Moisturising sanitiser 250ml pump & 250ml Lotion

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  • hand sanitier

    Moisturising sanitiser 250ml pump & Hand & Body Lotion 100ml

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  • Moisturising sanitiser 500ml refill bottle for spray

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  • Moisturising Sanitiser 50ml spray & 100ml Lotion

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  • Moisturising Sanitiser 50ml spray & 250ml Lotion

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  • Moisturising sanitising 50ml spray & 500ml refil

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