12 Ways To Use Castile Soap You Might Not Have Tried

Castile soap is a totally natural, nourishing and incredibly versatile soap. It’s a hero product of the Olive & Ash range and I’ve put together a few (actually, 12) good reasons why you should always keep some handy at home and on the road. 

What is Castile soap?

Before I start telling you how to use Castile soap I should first explain what it actually is for those that may not know. 

Castile soap is unique it is made with vegetable oils, rather than animal fats.

This process to make soap originated in the Castile region of Spain (yes – the name gives that away!) where it was made with pure olive oil. 

Pure olive oil is the traditional base for Castile soap – we follow this tradition with our Castile range here at Olive & Ash.

Not only is this soap effective and incredibly versatile, it’s completely biodegradable too which is why we’re such advocates of this wonderful, natural soap. When you use Castile, you’ll skip all the parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, microplastics, dyes and oxides found in commercial cleansers. 

Now let’s take a look at the many different ways you can use it around the home and in your beauty routine. 


All-Purpose cleaning spray

Castile soap makes a brilliant all-purpose cleaning spray for many household messes – from spills to glass cleaner and even oven cleaner. Just add ¼ cup of liquid Castile to a litre of warm water and stir to combine. Then pour the mixture into a glass spray bottle to use. A gentle way to clean your home without the harsh chemicals of commercial spray and wipe type products. 

Remove clothing stains

Castile soap is perfect for removing clothing stains. Simple wet the area with the fresh stain and apply a small amount of liquid Castile to the area, massage into the stain then rinse off and allow to air dry.

Wash your hair

Liquid or solid Castile soap makes a great replacement for commercial shampoos. If using the solid bar, rub it in your hands to work up a lather and apply directly to your hair. If using the liquid soap, you can apply ½ a tablespoon straight to your hair.

Castile soap does a wonderful job of cleansing your hair but you do need to remember it will feel a little different than your usual shampoo. Commercial shampoos are packed with silicone and waxes that give your hair the smooth feeling. You may experience a bit of a transition period when switching to Castile – although some hair takes to it straight away – but the pay off is worth it.

I know many customers have said making the change to a natural hair routine was one of the best personal care they made! 


Dog and cat wash

Your furry friend’s coats will benefit from castile soap too. Wet the fur and then squirt the soap directly on – you don’t need to dilute it as the coat is already wet and about to get wetter! How much you use depends on the size of your pet and choosing an unscented Castile is the best option for any pets with sensitive skin.

Makeup brush cleanser

How often do you wash your makeup brushes? It’s something that is easily forgotten about or put off, but it’s so important for healthy skin. Dirty makeup brushes harbour bacteria and every time you use them, you’re spreading it onto your skin. 

Liquid Castile makes an easy cleanser – squirt a small amount of it into a clean glass or cup. 

Wet the brush bristles with warm water, dip the brush into the soap then swirl the brush around on your palm to loosen old makeup. Rinse with warm water until the water runs clear. Blot brush with a paper towel and let it air dry overnight

Wash the dishes

To wash dishes you can squirt a small amount directly into a sink filled with warm water or put a solid bar into one of these classic dishwashing shakers. If using an unscented Castile, I recommend adding a piece of citrus skin like mandarine or lemon to the water for an uplifting, natural scent.


Pure Castile is the soap recommended for felting wool. Detergents and low-quality soaps can be too harsh for your skin, as well as for the wool. So if you’re a felter struggling with dry hands, switch to Castile soap. 

Clean your carpets 

Store-bought carpet cleaning concentrate is full of dangerous chemicals, Castile is a much gentler, totally natural way to clean carpets. Fill a container with 6 cups of hot water then add – 

  • 2 tablespoons castile soap
  • 2 tablespoons white distilled vinegar
  • ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide
  • 15 drops of an essential oil of your choice 

Stir the mixture together and either add it to a steam cleaning machine – according to the directions or apply it directly to individual carpet stains and scrub with a bristle brush to remove.

Wash your clothes 

Add a few squirts of the liquid Castile soap to your washing machine load, before adding clothes. You can also grate some of the solid bar into the washing water or add it to a few cups of hot water, let it sit overnight then add it to the load. 

Fruit and veggie wash

It’s important to wash your fruit and veggies thoroughly before eating them to get rid of any surface chemicals and spray residue. Add ¼ teaspoon of liquid Castile to a bowl or sink filled with water. Dunk your fruit and veggies into the water and massage the skin to remove any toxins or lingering dirt then rinse with clean, cool water and pat dry. 

Keep ants at bay

If you’ve got ants hanging around in inconvenient places inside – like the kitchen – this mix is a natural deterrent that will help keep them away. Add ¼ cup of Tasmanian tea tree liquid Castile to a litre of warm water. Pour the mix into a spray bottle and spray it onto ant hot spots. You can also use the unscented castile soap and add 8 drops of tea tree oil to do the job too. 


Take on your camping trip

Castile makes a versatile, eco-friendly camping buddy! Take a bottle or bar with you to wash yourself, dishes or clothes. Pure Castile is biodegradable so you can rest easy you’re not doing the great outdoors you’re exploring any harm! 

Our Hiking, Travelling and Camping Pack includes a Castile bar and 15ml bottle of our Liquid Castile. 

How do you use your Castile soap? I’d love to know! 

Deb x 


  • samPosted 22/09/20198:36 am

    love that the soaps and liquids are so gentle. chemical free and minimal packaging. l take them camping as l know they are safe

    • Olive and AshPosted 07/10/20195:49 pm

      yes they are great to take camping and for grey water too.

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