have fun this summer with iced herbal teas

When the weather is hot and you feel like more than water to drink or you are having some friends around for an afternoon of drinks and BBQ. A nice way to freshen up your table is with a selection of drinks including non alcoholic and a nice herbal infusion fits the picture here.

Here are 2 recipes from my 2 favourite summer teas

Lemon Aid – is a combination for A light lift of lemongrass, a zing of ginger & hint of spearmint.  It is not only refreshing but also really hydrating.  Therapeutically

Lemongrass is used for Fluid and digestive

Ginger as an anti-inflamatory, circulation, warming but in the sense when we are hot will help to cool down and visa versa

Spearmint – is such a lovely sweet mint and calming to the digestive system and cooling.

To Make

Depending on how man you are making for so use the old fashioned way of 1tsp per person and one for the pot

so for 2 people you would take 3tsp to a tea pot or coffee plunger, add just boiled water, put on the lid and and let it stand for 3-5 minutes.  Pour the content into a jug and then refill the teapot/plunger with hot water and let stand again for 3-5 minutes. Again pour the content into the Jug and make sure you have more water on the boil and you would do this for a 3rd time.  This time leave the hot water in the pot for 5-7 minutes (as it is gettign weaker and want to draw out as much flavour as possible.

Once you have poured in the last of the tea set it somewhere to cool and once cool put into the fridge to chill.

When you are ready to serve or drink as a sprig of Mint, a slice of lemon and or ginger and you are ready to go.

TIP: I love to pour some of the iced tea into ice cube trays an when they are frozen add it to the jug so when the cubes melt it is the lemon aid that is melting into the already made tea and it won’t dilute the tea.

Now you just have to kick back and enjoy.

The next tea for you to make is

Turmeric Twist

It is my take on the trend of Turmeric and can I say it is great that it is trendy as we can never have to much of these drinks I am talking about.

Turmeric – anti inflammatory and is a lovely tonic but on its own it can be a bit heavy to drink

Ginger – anti inflammatory, digestive, anti nausea, cooling and warming

Orange & Lemon – a great addition of vitamin C and liver loving lemon

Black pepper – Turmeric on its own will not give you much goodness so we add a little black pepper to help the goodness to be available (this is also true for drinking with milk or cooking as the fat help the goodness be released)

Take 3 tsp and add it to a jug

pour boiling water to the jug – enough for 2 – mug sizes.  Let it cool to touch and then it is nice to take an orange or 2 cut them in half and using a orange squeezer squeeze out the juice.  Add this juice to the tea that you made it will lift the flavour and enhance the refreshing flavour.  Add some mint, slices of lemon & orange or ginger to give some texture to the glass and you are ready to go. Add some ice the glasses and pour.

Including herbal teas to our every day will give you the benefits and enjoyment but not see them as medicine.

I always say to customers at Salamanca Mkt and other markets that we attend is you pay for the flavour and get the benefit for free.

You can find these teas in the herbal tea section of the website.

enjoy these recipes and if you have any questions please go to live chat, facebook or messenger and let me know.



Deb is a qualified Naturopath who has always loved the use as food as medicine. the quality of the ingredients used in all of her blends come from the best growers in Australia and herbs from overseas are used only when stock is out in Austraila and the herb only grows elsewhere, the better the quality leads to better vitality, flavour and reuses.


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