Sanitiser, Moisturising and protective -50ml spray or 250ml refill

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50ml  Spray sanitiser. or 250ml refill bottle  70%+ v/v

Every day we are walking into shops, picking up parcels, wiping down benches, at work and out and about.

You walk into your supermarket or other shops and have a sanitiser thrust into your hands which you gingerly rub in and it leaves a greasy, gritty, or more often a harsh drying feel on your hand.

Having a sanitiser that suits your hands and not leave all of the feel into your hands is essential.

A 50ml bottle that fits into your pocket, your bag, your car, your school bag will enable you to choose what you put onto your hands.

Many sanitisers have been thrown together to meet a need without much thought going into how they would react with your hands.

At Olive & Ash like all of our products the benefits and quality of ingredients are paramount.  We call this sanitiser a 70+. We meet the WHO requirements of 60-85% alcohol but our + is the addition of essential oils & herbs that are proven to have anti-viral & anti-bacterial benefits so you have the benefits and addition to soften the hands.

Vegan, Gluten free, Palm Free

Sanitisers can not be transported by Australia Post express post. will be shipped by surface mail

alcohol, aloe Vera, extracts of organic olive leaf, Witch hazel & Kunzea

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50ml, 250ml

1 review for Sanitiser, Moisturising and protective -50ml spray or 250ml refill

  1. Lisa ker

    I purchased a hand sanitizer at the market yesterday. It’s wonderful. We need to be aware of the chemicals we put on ourselves daily and also the damage to the environment and ourselves done with the manufacture and application of harsh , micro plastic containing sanitizers!
    Olive and ash sanitizer is a fantastic alternative.
    What a great company
    Lisa ker

    • Olive and Ash

      Thank You Lisa for your feedback. As individuals we cannot save the planet but
      we can all do our little bit to try and make the planet safer and reduce
      the damage caused. Thank you for your support and enjoy your delightful effective

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