Moisturising Hand Sanitiser -250ml – 60+ v/v


Every day we are washing and sanitising your hands. What are they looking like?

Currently the words moisturising and sanitiser has not gone hand in hand :} Many sanitisers have been thrown together to meet a need which has been needed without much thought going into how they would react with your hands.

We call this sanitiser a 60+. We meet the WHO requirements of 60-85% alcohol but our + is the addition of essential oils & herbs that are proven to have anti-viral anti-bacterial benefits so you have the benefits and addition to soften the hands.

Perfect for Home, the work place, at reception, a gift  or in the car,

When you apply it to your hands, like our lotion add a peas size to the back of your hand and the soft gel substance will glide smoothly over the back of your hands, through your fingers onto your palms and after 45 seconds (the time needed for a sanitiser to become active) you will not even know you have it on.

Vegan, Gluten free, Palm Free

note: Sanitiser can not be sent by Australia Post express post. All orders containing our sanitiser will be sent via road transport

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Alcohol 60% v/v locally distilled by Shene Distillery, Aloe Vera, extracts of organic Olive Leaf, Witch Hazel & Kunzea, Guar gum, Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint Eucalyptus essential oils, Xanthan Gum


250ml/1000ml refill bundle to save, 1000ml / 33.814oz, 250ml / 8.80z


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