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Your having a day at the beach, in the bush or just in the back yard and having time out or in the garden or a barbecue.

There are a few essentials to the outdoors this summer that you don’t always notice until it is to late.

**Our Lips take a beating with the hot winds or dry air.                             

  **Our Bodies take a beating with the mozzies that lurk around every corner. 

**Our face & body takes a beating after a hot day in the sun.                    

**Our Hands are still taking a beating with all of the sanitiser we are using.

**Our arm pits need a break from commercial deodorants full of Aluminum

Your outdoor essentials pack includes:
1 lip balm (manuka or vegan)
1 natural insect repellent 50ml
1 lemon myrtle & sage deodorant 50ml
1 carry with you moisurtising hand sanitiser 50ml
1 body lotion 100ml select either Lavender & Sandalwood or Manuka scent free.
individually $65.9
bundle price $61.9
Olive & Ash Lavender and Sandalwood Hand and Body Lotion
100ml / 3.5oz

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1 x Manuka 4g tube
1 x 15g Manuka cardboard tube
Olive & Ash Manuka Hand and Body Lotion
100ml / 3.5oz
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