Replenishing face & Lotion 250ml


As a pack we offer you a reduced cost so you can support the whole  of your body.  This pack contains for you:

Replenishing Face Cream 50g – you will enjoy the feel of this cream that is full of essential nutrients to help maintain healing, calming,, replenishing feel to your face and watch as it absorbs into your skin leaving it feeling soft, moisturised and fresh.

Hand & Body lotion 250ml.  Like all of our products they leave a lasting feel on the skin, it is a light cream that feels like silk on the skin.  It is suitable to apply to hands & body where needed and does not leave a greasy feel as we do not use ingredients like sorbolene that stop the absorption and will leave your skin nourished.

You can choose between the Lavender & Sandalwood or Manuka lotion

RRP $84  for you as a set $80

250ml / 8.80z
250ml / 8.8oz
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500ml / 17.6oz