Lip Balm – Manuka Honey or Vegan

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Have you tried a thousand lip balms to give your lips that soft and glowing feel?

Regardless of how many time you apply it they end up dry and you have to reapply all day?

Manuka Balm:

A lip balm made with wax & oils will Restore dry, cracked lips with the healing power that is soothing with the  Bees Wax* and the addition of Olive, Avocado  Hemp oil, lemon balm, calendula and violet. Tasmanian honey and hemp oil gives your balm a rich consistency, giving delicate skin long-lasting hydration and protection. perfect for dry, cracked lips & especially cold sores. Perfect just on your lips or over or under your lippy

*Our Manuka lip balm products contain only Tasmanian Beeswax which is highly sought after internationally due to it being free of chemicals which would otherwise be used to combat Varroa mite.

Vegan Balm:   Is Currently out of Stock

Trying to make a Vegan Balm that is as good as our Manuka Balm was a mean feat to say the least.  We have replicated many of our special ingredients into this balm.  Our Vegan balm contains Candelilla wax, Olive, Avocado oil & Hemp oil, Calendula, Melissa & Violet infused oils with a finishing touch of sandalwood essential oil. Perfect just on your lips or under your lippy.

Our products do not contain Parabin oil or any petrochemicals like Petroleum Jelly (vasaline). products that contain these ingredients lead to more damaging and drying effects on the lips as petrochemicals draw moisture from the body to the surface which gives a moistening feeling but in fact is more dehydrating leading to the increased application to keep lips moist.

And it lasts a long time too :}


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5 reviews for Lip Balm – Manuka Honey or Vegan

  1. Wendy from Rusty Devil

    When setting up Rusty Devil we were searching for locally made soaps and body creams, and found Olive and Ash and fell in love with the product. While ordering, I decided against the lip balm. I have suffered from dry, chapped lips for most of my life time and tried everything, and basically given up. Nothing has ever worked. A customer at Rusty saw that we stocked Olive and Ash and asked about the lip balm. She actually said…’I could be an ambassador for this product, it is so good’…so I ordered a conservative amount. It sold out in a day and I’ve had to keep ordering. As for me – without doubt this is the first lip balm that has ever worked and given me ongoing relief. It really is amazing and the best thing is it lasts. You can put it on as you go to bed and its still working in the morning. Not just a beautiful natural Tasmanian product featuring Manuka honey, but a product that works. I’m a convert! Wendy, Triabanna Tasmania

  2. Isabella

    Best lip balm on the market. Filled with natural goodness. After one application you really feel the difference. It’s rich but not sticky and heavy. Well done. You’ve a repeat customer.

    • Olive and Ash

      Hi Isabella
      thanks for the feedback, proof is in the pudding, are products are as they say they are and not full of cheap fillers, we love that a lip balm lasts you ages as you don’t have to keep reapplying :}

  3. Rachel Broomhall

    This is a the best lip balm I’ve ever used and believe me I’ve tried loads! Light on the lips without the heavy thick feeling, and long lasting protection from the elements. And natural! Absolutely love it!
    Also a massive fan of the soaps! Could eat those ?

    • Olive and Ash

      Hi Rachel, thank you for your comments. we are glad you are finding the lip balm yummy and actually beneficial. it is thanks to our lovely beeswax and herbs that makes t so enjoyable and no Vaseline with-in Cooee of any of our product :}

  4. Heidi

    Hands down the best lip balm I’ve ever used.

    • Olive and Ash

      Thank You Heidi, so glad you love it :}

  5. brina0448 (verified owner)

    I honestly cannot think of the correct words to describe the miracles of this lip balm. I have suffered with eczema and skin sensitivity since a child and after the thousands of dollars I have spent on different lip balms from all over the world I have finally found the one lip balm that not only moisturisers my lips but clears and keeps my face eczema away! The crew at Olive and Ash don’t just make amazing products, but also have the most incredible service. Thank you Olive and Ash, I’ve been using your products for years now and I wouldn’t know what to do without your products, expertise and service!

    • Olive and Ash

      Thank you for your lovely feedback, and so glad that you are getting such wonderful results with our products :}

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