Natural Insect Repellent

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Keep mosquitoes, sand flies, black flies and midges at bay with our safe and effective insect repellent. Our effective blend of natural oils protects your skin from irritation and infection without the need for dangerous chemicals.

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• Tasmanian extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, eucalyptus, lavender, pine, lemon myrtle, lemongrass essential oil


35ml Roll-on, 50ml, 250ml

1 review for Natural Insect Repellent

  1. Joanne Van Eeden

    Just recently took a bottle of your Natural Insect repellent up to Cape Tribulation in the Daintree FNQ.
    It was Christmas time and very hot and so many sand fly’s, mosquito’s etc, Very happy to report NO Bites…..This works a treat, not only did we smelt great, no skin irritation and lovely soft feel. The best thing is it does not take your breath away as the others do as full of toxins. No coughing. Will defiantly keep using. Love this product.
    I also use on my horses, rub into their face, around their eyes, they don’t mind as it smells so nice.

    • Olive and Ash

      Thank you Joanne for your feedback and the benefits in one of the best locations for mozzies and sandflies and it not smelling offensive (nothing can smell as offensive as a DEET based repellent)
      We also have a few customers who use it on their horses for lice as well as keeping bugs off so thank you for confirming this for us and would like to know how you find it on Bot Flies if it stops driving your horses crazy :}

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