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  • New: Doggy bundle

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  • Night & Day, face & serum

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  • Olive Oil Soap, Liquid Castile & soap dish – for those who like both

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  • Olive oil Soaps – 10 of your favs & and add a Face & Serum to bundle

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  • Olive Oil soaps 5 of choice and 50ml face cream bundle

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  • Olive oil Soaps- choose your 5 favs & add a 250ml lotion

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  • Outdoor Summer Essentials bundle

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  • Replenishing face & Lotion 250ml

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  • Replenishing face cream & Facial bar

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  • Replenishing Face Cream & Lotion 100ml

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  • Replenishing-Face-Cream 100g- Lotion 500ml

    Replenishing Face Cream 100g & Hand & Body Lotion 500ml

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  • Replenishing Face cream, facial serum & lip balm

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  • Replenishing Facial Essential bundle – face, serum, facial bar

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  • Shave Soap, Bristle brush & Lotion

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  • Soap Gritty hand pack – gardener or fisher person

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  • Take with me on holidays or as sample set

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