Hand Sanitiser Tips And Back To Work Health

We share how to choose a non-toxic hand sanitiser and tips for making your return to the office as healthy and enjoyable as possible!

How to choose a non-toxic hand sanitiser

It’s a bit of a jungle out there when it comes to choosing hand sanitiser. With all the attention on keeping our hands clean during COVID 19 it’s easy to grab whatever hand sanitiser is around to simply “get the job done.”

But not all sanitisers are created equal.

In fact, some contain ingredients that are known hormonal disruptors, skin irritants, and have the potential to increase antibacterial resistance. 

Here are a few of the ingredients you want to avoid in your hand sanitiser…and in fact, all your beauty and personal care products!


This nasty ingredient is actually a synthetic pesticide! It’s commonly used in synthetic antibacterial products but the crazy thing is that it doesn’t actually have the ability to kill the virus that causes cold and flu. It’s been linked to hormone disruption, liver damage, increasing antibacterial resistance, among other health warnings. 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate

These two help hand wash and other personal care products ‘foam’ up but they carry potential health risks which include eye and skin irritation and endocrine disruption.


Carbomers are ingredients used to thicken personal care products, like hand washes, shampoos, hand sanitisers, etc. They contain micro forms of plastics which may pollute the environment when washed down drains into waterways and contain potentially harmful contaminants.


When you see ‘fragrance’ on any ingredients list, know that this word can be hiding a myriad of toxic ingredients. Synthetic fragrances can cause skin irritation and may cause hormone disruption.  

Below are the non-toxic ingredients to look for in a natural hand sanitiser:


To meet World Health Organisation standards, hand sanitiser must contain 60% – 85% alcohol


Is a humectant ingredient with outstanding moisturising properties.

Aloe vera

A natural way to keep skin moisturised and combat the drying effects of alcohol.

Natural antiviral herbs

The addition of antiviral herbs to help combat virus germs naturally

Essential oils

Adds an aromatic scent to hand sanitiser without the toxins of synthetic fragrances.


Lavender and lemon

A lovely smelling, natural hand sanitiser? It’s possible! 

Getting a whiff of a synthetic hand sanitiser isn’t the most aromatic experience! Many chemical-based options smell like paint stripper. 

If they don’t, they’re usually packed with toxic fragrances to mask the smell!

They leave your hands feeling as though paint stripper is what you’ve washed them in too – dry and tight. The results aren’t healthy in the long run – hands can become irritated and cracked, increasing vulnerability and exposure to infection.

Many of the hand sanitisers on the market are formulated by distillers or chemical manufactures. Their only goal is to kill the germs on our hands. 

There’s little regard for formulating the product in a way that kills virus and bacteria while protecting the skin. 

To keep prices low, products are stuffed with those nasty ingredients like Triclosan which is actually banned in many countries.

That’s why Olive and Ash hand sanitiser is different – we care about your skin!

It’s formulated with skincare expertise to include natural ingredients to care for and protect skin, while keeping hands clean and healthy.

If your hands have suffered from using poor quality, chemical options, our Hand Sanitiser can help nourish and restore damaged, cracked skin. 

Heading back to work? 5 tips to stay healthy! 

After spending the last few months at home, many people are preparing to return to the office. 

There may be some changes around your workplace but it’s likely a few things have stayed the same….like lazy coworkers leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen sink!

Make sure you’re taking care of yourself – both physically and emotionally – to make getting back to work as healthy and enjoyable as possible.

Healthy personal care habits

Keep a natural hand sanitiser at your office desk and one in your handbag. Having them close by means you won’t have to rely on using any chemical sanitisers provided for staff. 

Regularly clean your desk area, chair handles, and phone with a natural surface disinfectant to keep bugs at bay. 

Bring a bit of home to work

I’m not talking about showing up in your slippers – the days of working in your pjs are over for now! 

But what about having an indoor plant on your desk? They can really brighten your workspace, give you comfort and increase the oxygen levels to naturally filter toxins and reduce sick days.

Some of my favourite indoor plants are cactus, aloe vera, mother-in-laws tongue, peace lily, snake plant, and rosemary. 

Sip on tea

Heading back to work during winter means you’ll need to be extra vigilant about keeping your immune system firing on all cylinders. 

Sipping tea throughout the day is a great way to boost immunity while enjoying the calming benefits that come with a good brew. Try herbal teas, green tea, or chai for those chilly days.  

Get outside on your lunch break

If you’ve been working from home you might have been taking the dog for more walks, got outside to stretch, or had an exercise break more regularly. Keep up the momentum and get out during your lunch break!

The water jug trick

Heading back to work means being exposed to indoor heating that’s been turned up to compensate for the colder weather. 

Heating sucks the moisture out of the air which can really dry out your skin and throat. I have a little tip that may help – place a jug of water next to the heater or air duct to increase moisture levels in the air. A humidifier will also do the job too!

Back to work

Let us look after your hand health at work!  

Little things really do make a difference in the workplace. 

A moisturising gentle hand wash in the bathroom or lovely scented natural hand sanitiser at reception are small touches both staff and clients appreciate. 

Our range of hand sanitisers meet the World Health Organisation alcohol requirements (60 – 85%)  to keep hands healthy but also include organic herbs and oils that have proven antiviral benefits and keep your skin moisturised.

If you’d like to take care of your team with natural products that nourish skin, keep hands healthy, and add a personal touch to the office, we’d love to chat with you about our range.

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