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  • Olive Oil Soap – Tuff stuff, for shower or tough strains & hands –

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  • Olive Oil Soap, Liquid Castile & soap dish – for those who like both

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  • Rejuvenating Face Serum

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  • Replenishing face & Lotion 250ml

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  • Replenishing Face Cream

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  • Salts (bath salts) Bathers Teabags Unscented w/ goats milk, calendula, red clover & chickweed

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  • lavender bathers tea bath salts

    Salts Bathers Teabags (bath salts) Lavender essential oil w/ Lavender, Chamomile & Linden Flowers

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  • bathers teabags bathsalts rose petals in bath

    Salts Bathers Teabags (bath salts) Rose & Rose Petal

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  • Sanitiser, Moisturising and protective -50ml spray or 250ml refill

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  • Shave Soap Bay Rum or More Sensitive

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  • Soap Dish

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  • Soap Gritty hand pack – gardener or fisher person

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  • Soap Shaker with pure olive included

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  • Tea- Southern Blue Organic Herbal

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  • Rooibos Chai - Organic Herbal

    Tea: Chai Rooibos- organic herbal

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  • Tea: Green Jasmine with Jasmine Buds – organic

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